About Andrew


After winning an educational Buck Foundation Grant, as a high school senior, specifically for his work in photography, Andrew pursued a chemistry degree at San Diego State University and The University of California, San Diego to further his understanding of the film chemical aspects of Ansel Adam’s famous Zone System.

For 2 years, while at SDSU and UCSD Andrew taught 5 consecutive evening photo classes through the University, and worked for the on campus “leisure” magazine as a staff photographer, photographing many famous musical performers.

Upon mastering the film chemical principles  through Adam’s books, and his SDSU and UCSD studies, Andrew moved on to the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA to study portraiture. After 2 years of Study at Brooks Andrew moved to Palo Alto, CA where he developed his portraiture for varied professional clients and set-up a photographic studio which operated for 3 years.

With an economic downturn in California in 1992 Andrew moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, became a general building contractor, and began a 19 year hiatus from professional photography. Andrew is now “re-upping” his photographic career anew.

Andrew is currently a member of the Portland Community Professionals chapter of Business Network International, BNI, a world wide network marketing organization, under the classification, “Commercial Photographer”. He is also a member of the Oregon Professional Photographers Association, OPPA, and The Professional Photographers of America, PPA, Member #8249150.

Andrew now lives in Portland, Oregon, with his two wonderful daughters, and occasionally resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico .

Clients include Webuilderz.com, Healthy Pets Northwest on Alberta, Portland, Oregon, Jason Brinkman Fine Glass Work. And growing!