Calling in Your Life Partner

Please see Gallery below.

I am here to help you find that special someone.

There is nothing like the ease and pleasure of being with your match!

With this project I am offering a particular and specific type of photography: I help you make a portrait, for your, or other dating site, which brings the right person in to your life. I have developed a unique and effective method for having your portrait fully communicate your special personality to that right person. Please see the photographs below. Testimonials are available upon request.


While simple studio sessions start at $99, my recommendation, for the very best result, is that we photograph you in your favorite location, at your favorite time of day. This approach makes your photo dense with the right information. These on-location sessions start at $199. We take the time needed to get the shot. It typically takes about 2.5 hours. Further costs are based on the quantity of images you use, how you use them, and the extent of retouching you prefer. A typical average total cost is $425 for the on-location session itself and 2 high resolution, color corrected, and retouched images, available for your unlimited use on websites. Additionally included is a slide show of my 40 top picks, in normal resolution, also available for your unlimited use.

The right photo speaks the proverbial 1000 words and so much more!

Call today to “call-in” that special someone!

Thank you for taking a look!


Andrew Hunt

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Francesca on top of truck red and blue soft-4008 Francesca Sepia toned old style-4047 Francesca and Paul;-4264