Comic Relief

Comic Relief Video 


Something magical happens when we laugh. Something opens and creates a conduit for the new, and for growth. I reflect on Jim Carey’s recent speech for the commencement exercises at Maharishi University of Management. He is so funny, and yet he strikes at the core truths about what it means to be human. He does this so effortlessly and with such deft.  A clear demonstration of the power of “freedom from care”, as he called it. I think of the late George Carlin; super funny, super deep.

Humor is a great avenue. Humor is a great teacher. Something unhooks, unfastens, and loosens, in the face of humor.

I always ask my sitters to let it rip for a little ease and play at the end of every shoot. They always seem to truly bring it in these moments. Something calls to them and they really cut loose; please enjoy this collection of images which open up what is possible.

Thank you for taking a look!

Andrew Hunt 9.4.14

Stuart flipping off even better-4405

Jason on the river, flipping off in the glasses-







Blue Studio -0180









 A few new ones-3467-2